Sunday, August 07, 2016

Wallace's friends at the dog park

Wallace has two very special friends that he often gets to visit at our local dog park. Meryt and Anhai are 12-year old twins who belong to 6-month old Havanese Puppy, Alexander.

These two love Wallace and he clearly adores them both. They will often pick him up, carry him around and will have him sit on their laps - something Wallace doesn't even really let Dick or me do. He's always happy with them.

Today, the girls found a hat that had been left at the dog park yesterday. They tried it on their puppy, Alexander, but it was too big. They tried it on another dog, but it was too small. Finally, they tried it on Wallace, and wouldn't you know it, it fit just right!!

Wallace was such a good sport about the whole thing. He'll do just about anything for these two girls. :)

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