Monday, December 14, 2015

"The Cookie" from Metropolitan Market

Stop the Presses:
I have found the BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie ever.
(Big Statement, but it's TRUE)

Paula and Reeves introduced me to "The Cookie" over the weekend. "The Cookie" comes from the Metropolitan Market, a local grocery store in Seattle, Kirkland and Tacoma. Paula works near the one in Seattle, and picked up a couple of these cookies to share with us when we got together. I believe she got them after work on Friday, and I had one on Saturday evening. It was amazing. It's HUGE! 5.5 ounces! I only ate 1/2 on Saturday - which is saying a lot, because I can eat a chocolate chip cookie! :)

Paula sent me home with one Saturday night, and I had another half last night. I heated it up in my microwave oven for 15 seconds, and it was devine.

Today, I spent the afternoon with Gina and told her about "The Cookie". The only Metropolitan Mart on the Eastside is in Kirkland, so we decided to make a trek out there so she could try one.

Here's the thing: when you buy them at the store, they are served *warm*. OMG! Not only that, but they also gave us a sample. SOLD!! We each bought one.

What's so amazing about "The Cookie"?

Here's an article I found about it online:

Have Your Tried "The Cookie"?

As I said, the cookie is a huge 5.5 ounces. It's a bit mounded in the center, which is really gooey, and crisper around the lower edges. It's made with dark cholcolate (Belgian bittersweet and semi-sweet) and toasted walnuts. I'm not a huge nut lover in my cookie, but these are really good!! There is SO much chocolate in these cookies, that apparently the walnuts are needed to help keep the cookie together.

Oh, and at $3 per 5.5 ounce cookie, I'd say they are a bargain.

I also love that the cookies have their own serving sleeve that say's "The Cookie" on one side, and lists the ingredients on the other.

Gina and I both decided that "The Cookie" is our favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie that either of us has found.

If you are in the Seattle area, you must try one.

Just found a video about "The Cookie" online:

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