Monday, November 24, 2014

Clean Clothes and a new friend in Christchurch

We arrived in Christchurch in the mid afternoon today. Before we left on this trip, we checked with our travel agent to see if any of our accommodations would have laundry service. She told is to plan on this hotel in Christchurch, since it was midway through our trip. This was helpful information, and helped us to pack accordingly.

When we arrived, all I saw was the laundry bag and order sheet where you pay around $4.95 per pair of socks, or underwear (all other items are even more pricey!). I was a little bothered that it cost so much, but figured we'd have to do it, since that was what we'd packed for. Luckily, Dick was more thorough than I, and saw in the hotel guide book that they offered free washer and dryer machines in the hotel!! It was raining when we arrived, plus I was a bit tired, and we didn't have any big outings planned for the day. It made for a perfect afternoon to do a load of (free!) laundry. Yay!!

Bonus: during room turndown, hotel guests get a little teddy bear to bring home! (Or, as the nice staff woman that we met in the laundry room called them, "a wee, fluffy bear".)

His name is George (which is the name of the hotel). Apparently, I'm collecting teddy bears on all our vacations this year. ;)

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