Thursday, May 22, 2014

Progress on Market Street Painting

I finally got back to painting on my Market Street Painting today.

I had my first Skype lesson with Dean on Tuesday afternoon. It was really cool. I had sent him a photo of the most recent rendition of the painting over email, then we had a Skype Conference Call with my computer camera facing the painting. The meeting probably lasted about 30 minutes or so, after we got Skype up and running.

He gave me a list of things to work on, which I'm making my way through now.

Today, I worked on the following:

I took the cornice off the top of the building on the left side. It was all the way almost off the top of the canvas, and wasn't very readable. I still need to work on straightening up the windows a bit, or at least cleaning them up. I don't want that building or the windows to be too exact - I like the look of it being suggestive.

I also worked a bit on defining all of the buildings a little bit more. I added more colors, corrected some lines, etc., I'll have to go in and add some more lights/windows again. I also painted over the row of street lamps, which I'll have to add again.

I darkened the bus in the foreground, as well as the stripes and rail on the road.

I tried changing the color of the trolley car from the grey/blue to an orange, then to a green, then to a red. None of them seemed to work well, so I went back to what the original color was. I made it a little more substantial, which I think helped.

I made the sky more gray than dark blue, and I also lightened the sky around the buildings to give it a little variety.

I also worked on the headlights and reflections of the lights in the area of the cars coming forward.

It's getting there, and I think it's starting to come together. I'm going to try to work on it some more over the next few days. Hopefully, we'll see it completed soon. :)

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