Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Hey! I got an email from my husband!

Oh, wait, so did hundreds of millions of other people...

I checked my (hotmail) email this evening, and lo and behold - an email from my hubby!

But, not just any email. This one was actually addressed to (and sent to) all Hotmail account users. It's an email letting users know that a new version of Hotmail is being rolled out soon, with an explanation of some of the new features.

Dick is the Program Manager of the Hotmail Group, so the email begins with this letter written and signed by him - complete with a photo and all.

Proud wife here. Had to share with my blogosphere. :)

Congrats to everyone on the Hotmail team on the latest release! I know a lot of time and hard work was put into it.


Meg said...

Hey, that's funny, I got an email from my brother!!!

Kimi said...

Nice! He has a cool signature - like someone that draws cartoons.