Sunday, January 18, 2009

My new art studio!

or, "why I'm wearing a perma-grin"...

I just spent the entire day out in the new backyard! Came out here around 10:00, and haven't really been back inside the house yet!

I spent the morning and early afternoon building the new IKEA furniture for my new art studio. It turned out really great!

I just called it my "art studio", but we also have a couple of other names for this room.

I also often refer to it as "The Cabana", meaning an outside building. It sounds so very vacation-y.

We also call it "The Shed", because, according to the City of San Francisco, that's what it is. (We are in full compliance of all City requirements, btw)

Dick likes to call it "Trina's Playhouse". He keeps teasing me because I love this little room so much, and because I was so very eager to get furniture and decorate it. He keeps imagining me having tea parties out here with all of my stuffed animals and Raggedy Anns. (yes, we're kidding - that would be creepy!)

Dick also likes to refer to it as "...soon to be Dick's Man Shack".

This is his way of making sure that I really get out here and use the space - hopefully, mostly as an art studio. (I have no excuse now not to get back to painting!)

He keeps threatening that this space will become his "Man Shack" - complete with cigars, kegs of beers and Playboy centerfolds plastered on the walls. You get the idea.

We finished putting together the furniture this afternoon, and everything fits in really well. I've got a throw rug in here that I can easily roll up when I need to paint, and I pulled out my old collapsible butterfly chair that can also be moved around easily.

Dick also just finished fashioning the two CAT6 cables that we have running in here. Yep - you guessed it - I am writing this blog outside from my cabana! :)

I may never go back inside.

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