Monday, January 12, 2009

At Last! The Backyard is D.O.N.E.!!!

After 3+ months, the Great Backyard Landscape Project of 2008 is finally done!

We started planning this project way back in October, 2007, started meeting with the architects in January, 2008, had the first clearing of the yard in late February, finalized the plans in July, hired our contractor in August, and began work in late September.

The original target completion date was meant to be in mid-November. Oh, well. Things took longer than initially planned, and that's okay.

Truthfully, the project was pretty well wrapped up by mid-December. We had to wait to schedule the final electrical inspection, which we didn't pass, then had to wait to schedule the electrician to come back to do the work required to pass inspection, then schedule the final inspection again (which we did pass). Got it?

Once we passed the electrical inspection, our contractors were able to finish the interior of the shed. They also needed to assemble and hook up our two gas elements - the gas heater, which will be above the dining table, and the fire bowl.

All of those elements were completed this afternoon! What a joy it was when we realized it was really all finished. It's been a long journey, but very satisfying.

The bottom line: we're extraordinarily pleased with the final product. It's truly amazing, and Dick and I can't believe that this amazing space is ours to enjoy. It's remarkable to think of the amount of planning and work that went into this project.

I decided a while ago not to post pictures of the backyard. I realized that these photos are a little too personal for such a public forum.

If you're interested in seeing photos, I have plenty, and would be happy to share.
Just send me an email, and I'll send you the link.

We're looking forward to many, many years of enjoyment and entertainment in our new backyard! Looking forward to sharing it with all of our friends!

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