Friday, August 22, 2008

Today is my 5 Year Bloggiversary!

I just realized that today marks 5 years since my very first blog post.

Wow. That's a long time. How'd that happen?

Two years ago, on my 3rd Bloggiversary, I wrote a list of my top 5 favorite blog posts up to that time. I'm re-reading that list now, and think that they still may apply as some of my favorites.

I should probably skim the last couple of years to see if I have any other posts that might make the cut.

Blogging is an interesting thing. I'm still surprised how much I enjoy it, even after all of these years. It's funny, because I rarely have those "Let's see, what should I blog about today..." moments. It's more just what comes to mind at the moment. I suppose that's what makes it so enjoyable to me: it's not work. It's more like writing down a thought. And because it's been documented here on the blog, I now remember more fleeting moments or funny stories that I probably would have otherwise forgotten.

I often joke about my blog saying, "Who knew I had so much to say, without ever really saying anything!"

My cousin, Bruce, was recently called a narcissist just because he keeps a blog. I thought that was awfully harsh criticism. Now granted, he's in public position where he'll have to endure all kinds of criticism left and right, but still.... It did make me think about my own blog, and what it is that I gain from it. What I came to realize is that I'm still blogging for the same reasons that I started it 5 years ago: I blog for myself - it's my own personal online journal, that I don't mind sharing with the world. I never put anything too personal on it, and also make sure that I don't post anything that may get me in trouble. It provides an outlet to vent, a place to document day-to-day happenings that I would otherwise forget, and funny tidbits that simply make me laugh. I feel very fortunate that over the years, I seem to have picked up a following of family, friends, and even people who I've never met who seem to be somewhat interested or amused with what I have to say. What's wrong with that? If keeping an online journal of random thoughts and happenings of my life make me narcissistic, then I guess I'm okay with that.

So, Happy 5th Bloggiversary! Thanks to all of you who have sent comments over the years, and given feedback on my blog. I really love the interaction and sense of community that it has created over time.

Now, let's see if I can keep it up for another 5 years! :)

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