Monday, August 11, 2008

Greetings from Juneau, Alaska!

Here we are! We spent the entire day at sea yesterday, and this
morning, we pulled into port in Juneau. We just docked (around
10:30am) and we'll be here 'til 8:00 this evening.

Dick and I have one excursion planned while we're here, and it's a
doozy!! We're going to take a helicopter to the glaciers, then (as if
that wasn't already cool enough) we'll be going to a dog sled camp!
Super cool! (I'm very excited)

The weather seems nice so far - I'm sitting on our veranda at the
moment with a jacket on, and I'm quite comfortable.

The cruise has been great so far. I'm surprised just how relaxing it
is to just be on a big boat all day. We had scalp massages yesterday
morning, then just hung out for the rest of the day. I talked Kathy
and Adrianne into playing a round of BINGO with me in the morning (I
confess: I'm a sucker for BINGO). We didn't win, but had a ton of fun.
Other than that, I've mostly been eating or exercising, ;) I think the
two go hand-and-hand when you're on a cruise. :) The food has been
quite good, as expected.

Really looking forward to our excision, and to exploring Juneau a
little. I'm sure I'll touch base again a little later.

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