Saturday, August 16, 2008

Butchart Gardens and the Last Day at Sea

What a wonderful trip that was! We pulled into port in Seattle around
7:00 this morning. We disembark at 9:30. Time for one last vacation
blog entry!

Yesterday evening, we were in port in Victoria, BC, only from
6:30-11:30pm. Dick and I went on our excursion to the gorgeous
Butchart Gardens! I'm happy to say, it's just as beautiful as I had
remembered. We were not disappointed. We had abou two and a half hours
to stroll the gardens in total. We got a little more than an hour of
daylight and dusk, and the gardens were lit wirh lights after that.
Two totally different ways to see the gardens. It was beautiful!
Unfortunately, they only do the fireworks show on Saturday evenings,
so we missed out on that. It was around 75 degrees or so in the
evening, which, compared to the weather we experienced in Alaska, was
quite balmy!!

Before we pulled into Victoria, we had our last day at sea. Dick and I
did all those things one is supposed to do on a cruise: we lounged on
our veranda, had some cocktails on the deck, and later in the Crow's
Lounge, shot some hoops, tossed the pigskin, played some shuffleboard,
and I even managed to squeeze in an art auction, and a game of BINGO!
(I won $185.00!!)

We really enjoyed the cruise, and especially loved sharing the
experience with Dick's family!

We're getting ready to get off the boat now. We're going to hook up
with Martin for a bit before we fly out is SEATAC this afternoon.

Homeward Bound!!

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