Friday, April 13, 2007

Good Times in Dayton, Ohio!

The drive from Chicago to Dayton went really well. We were lucky that it turned out to be a bright, sunny day - perfect for a road trip! We made it in to Dayton right on time today at 6:00.

We met our friends, Rich & Benji at 7:00 for dinner. That was a wonderful treat, as we never feel like we're able to spend enough time with them each year at headquarters.

After dinner, I talked everyone into having an ice cream with me at Graeters in Centerville. (yum)

Benji, Tammy & Rich outside of Graeter's

We decided to hit headquarters tonight to see what the scene was like. It was a bit slow when we arrived around 10:30, which was nice, because it was easy to see people. By the time that we left at 12:30, it was pretty packed, and we managed to see lots of people - several who don't necessarily come on a yearly basis, so we had some really nice surprises.

Philip, Trina & Jeff Worth! (first time back at WGI in 12 years! So happy to see you again!)

I took some fun photos, and will post them soon.

PS: to our amazement, we found out tonight that Dayton (or maybe State of Ohio) has now outlawed smoking in bars! :)
tomorrow, we'll be waking up in time to enjoy our free breakfast at our fabulous hotel. Afterwards, we're off to Kentucky to go shopping at the Gap/Banana Republic Clearance Center! :)


funny story
Here's my WGI Geek moment of the night:

I was at headquarters, and Mike Gaines introduced me to Tommy Keenum of Final Analysis and other memorable WGI shows.

When I was introduced to Tommy, I shook his hand and said, "I love your work. I've been a big fan for a long time..." (oh, what a dork I am!) I also told him that one of my favorite WGI shows ever was The Color Purple (Final Analysis, 1988)

Anyhow, I don't suppose many people compliment him on shows from nearly 20 years ago, so he was probably a little taken back, but appreciative.

Mike continued the introduction by telling Tommy, "Trina marched in Blackhawks, Kingsmen, and State Street..."

Tommy said, "You couldn't have possibly marched in those shows. You don't look like you're any older than 24!"

That's when I said, "Oh, Thank you! Now I'm an even bigger fan!"

Oy. I think I may be the world's biggest dork.

Tommy, Mike & Craig

Prelims Scores.

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