Friday, February 13, 2004

Gettin' Married at City Hall

No, Dick and I did not get married at City Hall today. :)

We were there as witnesses for the marriage of our good friends, Pete & Richard.

Pete & Richard were one of several hundred gay & lesbian couples who were married at San Francisco City Hall today. Today's estimate is about 850, plus yesterday's 90 marriages.

I was pretty amazing to be a part of our friend's wedding, and to be involved in such an important historical act.

I'm reading SFgate right now, and they state that "Same sex couples waited up to 2 hours to get married at City Hall." We arrived at 2:00, and waited in line for about 4 hours. It's was pretty cool though - it was such a joyous occasion for everyone. The couple ahead of us drove from Santa Cruz, while the 2 men behind us were on vacation from New York. I loved hearing about their day: They went to Alcatraz this morning, had lunch, then decided to go to City Hall to get married.

Congratulations to Pete & Richard, Andrew & Barry, and to the other several hundred couples who were able to get married legally for the first time ever! (we'll see what happens next week, but for now, let's celebrate!)

By the way, SFgate reports that the City stood to take in $50,000 in wedding license fee. I assume that's just for the first two days. Imagine how much money that will be by Monday night. I think our new Mayor may have found a way to reduce the City's deficit!

Congratulations, Pete & Richard!!

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