Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Instant Pot!!

My parents bought us an Instant Pot for Christmas!! Yay! So far, we've used it four times, and everything has turned our great so far!!

We went simple for our first go - boiled eggs for our Curry Egg Salad recipe. The eggs were absolutely perfect. They all peeled easily, and looked beautiful.

Next, we made the black eye peas for last nights dinner. They were very good, although slightly softer than Dick's preference, but still very good.

This morning, I made steel cut oatmeal with cinnamon and apples. It was a game changer!! I almost always make steel cut oatmeal for breakfast on weekdays. Our morning routine is that I walk Dick down to the Muni Metro station then walk back home before boiling the water before cooking the oatmeal for 30 minutes. Depending on what time Dick leaves for work, I usually don't eat breakfast until 9:30 or so. With the Instant Pot, I can put everything in, and have it cook the oatmeal for me while I'm out walking. It turned out really great, and is a game changer for my morning routine!!

Tonight I tried something different: I went to the grocery store this afternoon, planning to bake some fish tonight. There were no fish that I was excited about, but they had beautiful muscles at a reasonable price. I had seen a recipe for muscles in white wine in the cookbook my parents had given us with the Instant Pot, so I bought them. We made them tonight, and they were amazing!! I mean, really amazing!! I had made muscles one other time, but it was years ago. This recipe was so simple and fast, and so delicious!!

So, that's four Instant Pot recipes in three days. We're on a roll, and we are big fans!!

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