Thursday, November 17, 2016

New Kitten!!

We adopted a little 3-1/2 month old kitten today!! It was not really planned. I wasn't sure if I was ready for a new kitty yet, but Dick has been missing having one in our home.

We went to the SPCA today just to look. We actually agreed before we went that we would not bring home a kitty today.

We were actually looking at older kitties at first- a year old or more. We spotted this little girl as she was being fed and the volunteer told us that she was putting the whole time that she was in there.

We went to meet her, and pretty much fell in love instantly. She is super sweet, and a putting machine. She was very comfortable with us immediately, which I'd say is not common for young kittens. We just knew that she's a special little girl.

We brought her home and got her set up in one of our bathrooms so she'll have a smaller space to adjust to for a day or so.

We plan to slowly acclimate her to us and our home. We'll take a slow approach to introducing her to Wallace. We started by bringing a couple of his toys to her bed so she'll get used to his scent. He is also starting to smell her scent on us.

I think/hope that they'll get along just fine free the initial surprise of it all. Wallace is really good with meeting and playing with small and young puppies at the dog park. He knows when and how to be gentle.

Her name to the SPCA was Fuchsia, but we're going to give her a new name, TBD.

I'll post more tomorrow!!

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