Saturday, October 19, 2013

Immediate Impact Walk: Day 2

Sunday's 20-mile route

We met this morning at 6:45am to start our route at 7:00. We went over the safety speech, and Linda read from a wonderful, inspirational book. It was a day of many miles, many hills, which ranged from 50 degrees to 75 degrees.

Group Circle to start the day

Group Photo at the beginning of Day 2!

It was a cold and foggy morning in Golden Gate Park. It was so foggy that we had a hard time reading the signs! The fog cleared up once we had reached our first break around mile 4.

Striding through a cold and foggy Golden Gate Park

The "Asian Invasion"! :)

Peggy has such a way with words

At last, a picture with Joe, our Moto Safety Guy!

We left our break at UCSF and continued on into the Forest Hills neighborhood. The sun started to come out, and the layers started to come off.

Sandy and Carol - happy with their coffee

Beatrice, carrying the pole of ribbons

Linda, knocking on the door of the Immediate Impact Green House

Krave: The Official Jerky of the Immediate Impact Walk
(really, they were one of our sponsors! We love Krave!

Up towards Twin Peaks, we came along a field of goats!


Hello, Mr. Goat
(photo courtesy of Bea Dong)

Monica, (Rainbow Bright!) showing off her Green!

Joe and Tamara, Moto Safety, keeping us safe while we cross the roads

Stephanie leads us onto the Fairy Gate Trail

We had our lunch today at the Randall Museum around mile 12. It was so wonderful seeing so many of our friends and family cheering us on! Thank you to ALL who came!!

cheers at lunch!

Part of our cheering section

some of the walkers are greeted to lunch

our yummy lunch by Foodniks

Christopher and Dick came out to cheer us on, and to keep me company during lunch. Thanks, guys!

Group photo after lunch

The weather really heated up after lunch, as we walked through the Castro, Dolores Heights, Bernal, and Potrero Hill.

Making our way up Corona Heights Park

Photo-Op at Bi-Rite - one of our event sponsors! Thank you, Bi-Rite!

While we were walking along 18th street, we saw Joe in line for ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery! Busted!

Joe is a super nice guy - he brought ice cream to share!

Funny jumping photo at the top of Dolores Park

We love our Moto Crew and their sexy motorcycles!

urban shot

We arrived at the finish of Day 2 around 4:00. We were SO happy to see another group of friends and family cheering us on to the end!

Cheering station greeting us at the end

Carol and Allison some gracefully in

our last walker of the day!

Group shot with our friends and family. Dick was there, but he was taking the picture. :)

Today's temps when we finished. Pretty warm by San Francisco standards. It's the end of Indian Summer

Today's stats

not sure who took this photo, but I really love this one. This was after we conquered a series of hills around mile 6 today.

Tomorrow, we meet at 7:15 for Day 3. 15 more miles to go!

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