Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Continued progress on the Dolores Street painting

Today was the third session of the Dolores Street painting that I'm working on. It was one of those sessions where I didn't necessarily feel like I was getting much done, but in the end, I could see some definite change.

We blocked a bit more color today, making the color values a little more noticeable. I primarily focused on the building, adding more shadows and variations, checking the lines, and filling in more darks. I also added more darks into the trees and background buildings. I added a little more definition in the sky, which defined the clouds a bit more. I've never done clouds well, so this was a great new technique to learn. (add color around the clouds, rather than paint the clouds themselves.) I also added a little more color to the pavement.

There's plenty more work to do, but it's progress... :)

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