Thursday, February 11, 2010

While the cat's away...

Dick and David were both out of town for work last night, so Miguel, Christopher and I decided to get together for dinner.

As Christopher said, it was a "cheese, cream and cake" night. These are all things that Dick doesn't eat. (well, he'll have a bite of cake every once-in-awhile.. like at our wedding...)

When Christopher used to live with us, whenever Dick was out of town, we would make things like Mac and Cheese, or Lasagna. :)

We went to Blue - such a great comfort food restaurant in the Castro. We all shared a appetizer of Tots (yes, that would be tater-tots - the likes of which I haven't had since elementary school) covered in chili and cheese. Oh, my! We also shared a serving of their yummy mac and cheese. I had a green salad - trying to balance it all out!

Christopher was so sweet - he gave us each a box of Sweethearts for Valentine's Day. :)
Here is is posing with our Mac and Cheese.

For dessert, we walked to Sweet Inspiration, which happens to be the place where David and Miguel first met!

It was a really fun evening with the boys - thanks Bro & Miguel!

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