Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Job Perks

Well, I may not get benefits with my job, but occasionally, I get some really nice perks!

I had a meeting this afternoon with a new client - a seafood restaurant located in the San Francisco Ferry Building.

Our meeting was around 3:00 this afternoon, so I had already eaten lunch.

When I arrived, my client asked if I was hungry (which I wasn't) and
offered me a drink and some of their most popular dishes to try! How could I say no?!

The clam chowder was quite possibly the best I've ever had. Same goes for the crab cake. They also served me another amazing dish with fresh crab, avacado and grapefruit.

I wasn't hungry enough to finish it all while I was there, so they wrapped everything up (and even gave me more soup!) so I could bring it home for dinner tonight.

Super yummy. I also got some great ideas while we met for their web site. (good food must inspire me!)This will be a fun project!

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