Monday, June 20, 2005

Scale highs and lows

As I've mentioned before, I hate scales. I think they are one of the life's unnecessary evils.

My hate from them goes way, way back to my color guard days. We used to get weighed-in weekly, and I admit that I developed an unhealthy relationships with scales ever since.

I even did a performance art piece about it in art school. I walked around in a white unitard, eating oreo cookes, and downing them with slim-fast. All the while, I quoted some of the lines seen here.

I've learned that the best solution to beat the scale is to stay away from them.
I didn't even keep one in the house for years.
I try to make sure that I lead an active, healthy life-style, and I gauge my weight on whether or not my clothes fit ;)

So, here's today's kicker:

We bought a scale last year to weigh our big cat, Marcel. The poor little guy has been on a diet the entire 5 years that we've had him. Anyway, the last time I weighed myself on this scale, it said I had gained over 6 lbs in under 4 weeks.


But, I've been feeling pretty good lately: we've had a chance to do some really great urban hikes, and have gotten serious about working out with our new Elliptical Machine. So this morning, on a whim, I decided to take a peek at the scale just to see what was going on. I figured, it couldn't be any worse than last time!

Today the scale was kind and gracious, and showed me a number which, for the first time in several years, I was actually happy to see.

...and now I plan to stay off of it for another year or so ;)

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