Thursday, December 09, 2004

You want 'em? Come and get 'em!

I spent the entire day (when I wasn't at Costco) organizing Dick's entire CD collection. It's a project that I've been meaning to do for months, and I finally had a reason to get it done today.

What does this project involve? Alphabetizing about 700 CDs (by catagory, no less!), removing the CD and the cover from the jewel case, and slide them into Case Logic Binder sleeves. We're trying to consolidate over here, and 5 binders takes up a lot less space than 700 jewel cases....

So, that leaves me with....

7 grocery paper bags FULL of empty plastic jewel cases.
These are great for all kinds of CD & DVD needs: giving photo or music CDs to friends and family, travelling, replacing broken jewel cases, coasters, .... you name it!

Interested? I'm giving them away! Come and get them!
(I still have a bag full from when I orgainized my CD collection months ago)

I'm hoping some of you can use these (which is unlikely), otherwise I'll try my luck at giving them away on Craig's List. (a good idea from Willo.)

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