Friday, August 22, 2003

Where is Yavin?

I was in Disneyland this past Tuesday with my friends, Mykail and Jason. We all consider ourselves geeks of the Star Wars Universe. (I didn't know this about Jason until this particular day - turns out he's the only person I know who can speak "Greedo") When we were in line for "Star Tours", (still very cool, even it is over 15 years old) there were all kinds of posters "advertising" the "destinations". They had Endor, Hoth, Bepsin, among others. Then there was "Yavin". Yavin? It sounds familiar, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember where it was, or what movie it was referred to in. Neither could Mykail, Jason, or the other 3 guys we were with. Unbelievable! So then, we started to ask everyone in line. No one knew where Yavin was! Then, we started asking the guys working the ride - the guy manning the line, the guy operating the ride... Honestly, no one could remember! Crazy! so, I checked Google when I came home - handy, that I'm happy to report I know "remember" where Yavin was - really, I did know this at somepoint in my life, but I had a "brain-fart" (as my old ceramics instructor would say). For those of you wondering....

Yavin is the planet where the rebel base was set up in the first movie (that would be "Episode IV: A New Hope") It was where the heros go after rescuing Princess Leia from the Death Star, and where the rebels launch their attack on the Death Star.

I feel better now. I was stumped. So silly. Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, anyone? :)

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