Sunday, August 31, 2003

a la Oakland

We have a Labor Day "Tradition" of going to a la carte, a la park at Golden Gate Park every year. It's usually a terrific time, and the weather is almost always perfect. Unfortunately, we woke up to overcast skys today. Alice called - she lives a couple of blocks from the park, and reported fog. We all decided it wouldn't be as fun in colder weather, so we opted out.

Dick, Pete, Richard I and found our way to Downtown Oakland's "Art & Soul" Festival instead. It was a great time, plus the weather was perfect. We heard a great band, who I'm just not becoming more familiar with: "Guster". I don't know if this makes sense or not, but they reminded me of a "Toad the Wet Sproket" mixed with a hair of "Greenday". Great music. I may have to buy their CD now. Pete & Blane are already big fans. I'm always one step behind....

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