Saturday, July 01, 2017

Plumpacalypse 2017!!!

And so it begins....

We just finished making our first batch (12 jars) of Plum Jam!
We were really lucky with the weather/timing. I was afraid that Plumpacalypse 2017 would coincide with our RV Trip. In the past, it seem that I have made jam the last week of June. I think the weather has been cooler over the last couple of weeks, so lucky for us, the plums haven't really start dropping yet. We came home to enough ripe plums in the net to make our first batch today.

Just for the record, i'm putting down our recipe and some step-by-step photos below so I can remember what we did. We just tasted this first batch, and it's relish!!

24 cups of fresh fruit
1 cup of water
cook down the fruit, strain in the new pot using the mesh strainer

Add 1tbsp butter to the fruit juice
Bring the fruit juice to a simmer. Simmer for 5 minutes

Add 8 cups of sugar

stir constantly, bring to a rolling boil

add 1 cup of pectin (add 1/2 cup of sugar).
(This year and last year, I used the 4.7 oz jars of RealFruit Classic Pectin. One jar equals one cup.

stir constantly, bring back to a rolling boil

stir constantly, boil for 1 minute

pour jam into the 8 oz glass pyrex
use pyrex to pour into each individual jar

This batch yielded almost 12 12-oz Jam Jars

Dick, sifting through the plums, picking out the best ones for the jam

24 cups of plums

here's the set up - boiled fruit in right pot, strained fruit juice in center, compost on left

stirring the pot, waiting for it to come to a boil

stirring the hot jam!

the first batch of 12 jars

new labels!

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