Friday, December 30, 2016

Gingerbread Houses in San Francisco

Today, we went on a quest to see gingerbread houses in San Francisco! We started at Waterbar on the Embarcadero and saw their gingerbread house version of the Ferry Building. After, we walked to the Ferry Building for a quick lunch before taking the cable car up to Nob Hill.

In Nob Hill, we first went to Grace Cathedral where we walked the labyrinth, then went to the Fairmont Hotel, who had the most amazing and enormous gingerbread house we've ever seen!! You can actually walk through it and eat off the walls (if you really want to). We snuck into the Tonga Room, which was closed, but the door was open so we could take a quick peek inside.

After, we walked down to Union Square to the St Francis Hotel and saw their two gorgeous gingerbread castles.

We walked by Macy's and peeked in on the kittens and puppies in the SPCA Windows, then finished our adventure with sundaes and Ghirardelli at the Palace Hotel.

What a fun afternoon, and a great way to show Anna and Peter some fun sights in San Francisco.

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