Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter 7!

Here we go again!

This morning, I saw the 11:30am matinee showing of Harry Potter 7 with my parents.

Ever since the very first Harry Potter movie came out, my family and I (whoever is able to make it) have gone to the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland to see the movies on their premiere day. We've also done the same for each of the new Star Wars movies and any of the Pixar films.

The theater is so great in so many ways: it's an gorgeous, old theater, but with updated systems so the screen, sound and even seats are new-ish. One of the biggest perks for us is that even though we go on opening day, this theater is never busy (not really sure why). This morning, I arrived 45 minutes before the first showing, and I was second in line! Can't beat that.

The movie was fantastic! We all really enjoyed it.

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