Thursday, November 02, 2006

Funny Conversation on MUNI

I just got back from lunch and running an errand for my Dad.

I rode MUNI home, and struck up a funny conversation with a guy and his friend on MUNI.

He had mentioned that he had just returned from a two week vacation to visit his family in Ohio, where he had grown up. I asked my obligatory, "What part of Ohio?" to which he replied "Dayton".

Then, of course, I had to go through my color guard ramble, of how I had once lived there, but even weirder, still go to once a year. He actually knew about color guard and WGI because his niece had marched.

So we reminisced about Dayton hot spots a bit: he lived by the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, I lived in Miamisburg, by the Dayton Mall. We had a few giggles.

Then, I asked if he was a regular at 1470 West: the gay bar in Dayton (no longer in existence) where I used to go. (which, by the way, is really the only bar I ever really hung out at).

I said, "You know, 1470 on Dorothy Lane?"

To which his friend said, "Get out! It was really ON Dorothy Lane?!"

lol. I'd never put the two together before...

Anyhow, not only was this guy a regular at 1470, but he used to perform there as well. Alas, it was a little before my time - his day was in the mid-80s.

It was at this point when his friend asked me, "So, did you meet any nice boys in Dayton?"

my reply, "I did, but they were all gay."

friend: "So, you moved to San Francisco...."

me: "...and the irony is that I actually met my husband here."

As we got out at the Castro Street station, I asked the guy if he'd seen the t-shirt at the store BODY - the one that says, "Friends don't let friends live in Ohio".

He had seen it, and had thought to get it.

He thought it would go well with the shirt that his brother-in-law (from Dayton) had given him:

Dayton: It's my kind of town

Perhaps that will be next year's road trip shirt!

You never know where you're going to strike up a good conversation.
It was a good public transportation day. :)

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