Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away......

for those of you who have been living under a rock, the Star Wars DVD Set is being released TODAY! :)

I've had it on my amazon wish-list for months. I've been trying to be good - thinking I'll just keep it on my wish list, and wait until Christmas to (hopefully) receive it as a gift.

But, honestly, I'm not sure if I can wait until then!
I read a review about it this morning, and all of a sudden, I had that "I've got to have it now" sensation run through me.

My sister and I were just talking about "retro t-shirts" the other day. She was digging through some of her drawers at my parent's house, and came across some great t-shirt from the late 70s/early 80's. They still fit! They're great: she found her old soccor uniform from when she was in 6th grade (I kid you not) and a "Lake Tahoe '81" shirt. Both are baby blue. How retro. I was thinking that there would be ONE shirt that I saved for a long time, but I have a feeling is gone by now. I had an old t-shirt with Princess Leia on it from the original Star Wars film. It was really, really big for me at the time (I was like, 8) but there's a chance it would fit like a baby-T now. have to go look for it.

But I digress.... back to the Star Wars DVD set. Shan had mentioned that he pre-ordered it, and said he'd have us all over to his place to watch it this week. I really hope this happens! Shan has a fabulous loft here in the City. He has a projection HDTV set up that projects the TV on his wall to be something like 8x6 feet. and he has a great sound system. I am all over it.

I just might bring my "Star Wars Trivia Pursuit" game with us - that would be fun.

uh-oh. The Star Wars geek in me is really coming out....

did I ever mention that I have 2 large boxes full of all of my original Star Wars toys and action figures? They're in my Mom's closet at their house. I started collecting the action figures when I was in 2nd grade - pretty cool for a girl. I had all of the action figures from the first movie - included the often-coveted Boba Fett. I also have some of the playsets, some of the ships, and all of the die-cast metal ships. those are so cool. I pulled them out a few years ago when Episode I came out.

Oh, and have you ever seen this? Star Wars ASCIIMation - it's fabulous.

..and now that I've released the inner Star Wars geek in me, I feel the need to run out to Costco to buy the DVD set.....


I have no will power.

I totally caved.

who was I kidding? (well, no one, it turns out) ;)

After I posted this blog, my Mom called saying "I can't believe you didn't order it! My copy is being shipped to me today!"

then I IM'ed Dick letting him know that it was coming out today. He said "Why haven't you gone out to buy it yet?"

So, I checked out the prices online. Amazon.com had it for $41.99 no tax, free shipping. but, since I'm lame, that would mean that I would have to wait a week for delvery.

Costco had it for $43.99 plus tax.

Best Buy had it for $42.99, plus you get the "Star Wars Insider" Magazine thrown in! ;)

so, it was off to Best Buy! I got there at 10:30, and it was swarmed with people. I got in line, and noticed that I was the only girl. lol. What's with that?

So now I have The Star Wars Trilogy DVD Set - Widescreen in my hot little hands. I guess I'll have to wait for Dick to come home before I pop it in. ;)

My friend's husband is in a tiny little clip on the Bonus DVD - he was at Grauman's Chinese Theater on opening day of the Phantom Meanace. I'll have to look for him.

...and while we're talking about it...

Did I ever tell you about my trip to Skywalker Ranch? It was several years ago - way back in September '98. I found an old email that I sent out to friends... ah, the days before blogging.

here goes....

From: Trina Chow
Date: Wed Sep 16 22:47:21 1998
Subject: Geek Alert!

Just wanted to share my best "celebrity sighting" yet:
Today, I went to Skywalker Ranch (Yes, of the Star Wars fame) for lunch and a tour.
We have a friend/client of the gallery who is one of the lead animators there.

So, guess who sat at the table next to us during the entire time that we ate
lunch????!!! (And, by the end of the meal, we were the only two tables left)


Yes, the big man himself!!! We were a mere table away from GEORGE LUCAS!! Ah yes,
the Star Wars Geek's Dream. No, I didn't embarrass myself - no autographs, no
pictures, no dropped jaws. It was just a very cool experience.

We noticed when we first entered the dining room that there were various tables
with reservations signs posted on them, and that the one by the fireplace read
"Reserved for George". We figured that they must keep that sign there all the time
for him. The restaurant itself isn't very large, and our table wasn't ready for us
when we first arrived. So, we got a tour of the main building - saw lots of great
props from the films: C3PO's hands, a model figurine of Bobba Fett, and Jabba the
Hut, Indiana Jone's Whip, etc. We eventually sat down to eat, and less than 5
minutes later, in walks George Lucas!

So, that was my day. Not bad.

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