Monday, September 01, 2003


How crazy is this? Our local PBS station isn't going to televise DCI until OCTOBER 5th. October! DCI finals were August 9th. Considering that two of of the top 5 corps, including the one that WON is here in the Bay Area, that seems ridiculous.

In truth, I haven't even been to a live show in ages - perhaps 10 years or so. I still have several friends who instruct though, and I'd really like to see their programs.

I think I'll have some sort of gathering to watch it in October. It'll be fun to have some of the old guard friends over. (old in the "how long I've known them" sense, not in the "how old we're getting" way) Plus, you know, take advantage of the new HDTV Plasma! :) Will keep you posted...

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